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Have you ever seen the movie ‘Austin Powers'? It's a really funny film with some great moments in it, but like the man of mystery himself, there are a number of scenes where you wonder how the hero managed to get into that situation in the first place.

For example, there's a moment where Austin – played by Mike Myers – tries to do a three-point-turn with a luggage cart in a narrow corridor. You can see the clip on YouTube by clicking here. He manages to get into a position which I thought was nearly impossible – completely stuck across the path.

That is, until today.

Recently, there have been reports about a van driver who managed to trap himself doing the same manoeuvre while trying to get out of a narrow street in Edinburgh. Working for Asda, it seems the man had just finished doing a delivery, when he tried to turn the vehicle around, hit a wall, and got stuck across the road.

Even worse, the van blocked residents from accessing the street for about three hours before a truck arrived to lift the stranded vehicle up, turn it around, and then tow it away.

Although it is unknown how damaged the transport was during the accident, the motorist's employer might have had to make a claim on the company's business van insurance policy in order to make any repairs.

I just feel sorry for the employee – his mistake must have made him feel very embarrassed indeed...