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Affordable tour van insurance is absolutely essential as travelling to different venues for performances can be difficult – unless you have a vehicle in which to transport all your equipment. Whether the venues are in the same town or scattered across the country, carrying instruments, amps, cables, and other gear on and off public transport is tiring as well as impractical.

However, driving all over the place can be a lot to ask of just one individual. So, to take the pressure off this person, a band might find any-driver van insurance ideal. To see what offers are available, simply click the "Get a Quote" button.

Difficulties experienced by a touring band

Heavy gear
Musical instruments, such as drum kits and guitars, as well as other pieces of sound equipment, can be very heavy and problematic to move without access to a van. These vehicles ensure that band members can travel alongside their gear, and be well-rested for the gig.

Relying on one person
If only one band or technical team member is insured to drive the van, problems can arise if he or she becomes tired after hours of sitting behind the wheel, or falls ill and the band still wish to fulfil a booking.

Dangers of driver fatigue
When a band is doing a tour of different locations to promote themselves, the driver might have to cover hundreds of miles, driving for several hours each day. This can be exhausting, and if he or she becomes tired they could begin to lack the vital concentration skills needed for the road.

The answer to these problems

To prevent against potentially dangerous situations and logistical problems, bands may benefit from choosing any driver van insurance. If members share driving duties, this ensures that they all have an opportunity to rest, need not rely on one individual to get them from point A to point B, and don't have to carry equipment about themselves.

For bands which are constantly on the go and performing at new places, any driver van insurance could be the perfect way to ensure they make it to the gig safely.

Getting an any driver van insurance quote

Purchasing this type of policy though iVan, in partnership with City Insurance Group, can provide cover for up to four people, meaning a van can have more than one designated driver.

What's more, here at iVan, we make the process of finding any driver van insurance easier for you. In fact, we do the searching on your behalf.

All you need to do is give us some basic information about your business requirements and we will complete a search of quotes from more than 20 top insurance providers, before presenting you with the selection best suited to your needs.

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