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Here at iVan, we are confident that, whatever your needs are, we can offer you a quality, competitive and comprehensive commercial van insurance quote.

iVan are unique in being a van insurance specialist. This means we are able to take full advantage of our relationships with 22 of the UK's leading insurance providers; all to fulfil one purpose: providing the best deal possible deal for van drivers.

Below are just some of the smaller vehicles iVan offer commercial van insurance for:

Car-derived vans

Car-derived vans are the just kind of vehicle the name suggests, one that is adapted from a basic saloon. Their main advantage is drivability and they are just as at home in urban areas as they are on motorways.

Other benefits include their fuel-efficiency and attractive styling. Their major drawback is a limited capacity for large and weighty loads.

CDVs are commonly used by florists, plumbers, gardeners, sole traders and handymen. In this class, the Vauxhall Corsavan was named van of the year for 2007. And, of course, iVan offer quality commercial van insurance for CDVs.

Light Vans

These (sometimes also called Hi-cubes) are quite similar in size to a CDV but provide more robust load capacity. Although they don't offer quite the level of drivability of a CDV, they are, generally, still pretty good runabouts.

Renault, Ford, Seat, Suzuki and Nissan all make hi-cubes. And, naturally, iVan offers superb competitive commercial van insurance for all manufacturers.

Smaller Vans


These are similar to hi-cubes but are cheaper, though offer less load capacity and can sometimes be relatively costly to run.

Florists, sole traders, gardeners, plumbers, handymen and couriers are among the professions who find microvans suitable to their needs. The Piaggo Porter (Microvan of the Year) and the Suzuki Carry are two of the leading vans in this class.

Small panel Vans

This type of van is often used by electricians, delivery workers, labourers and painters and decorators. Offering more fuel economy than a larger van, they still manage to pack in a pretty good load capacity.

Some tradespeople will find that it is more economical, both fuel-wise and van insurance-wise, to buy a small panel van and hire a larger van for occasions when they need to transport large and heavy loads.

The Nissan Primastar was recently named Small Panel Van of the Year by What Van? magazine.

iVan, for a cheap and comprehensive commerical van insurance quote

Here at iVan, we are sure that whatever your situation, we can offer you the best commercial van insurance quote for your needs. Click below to find out why.

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