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Just as a specialist painter and decorator can provide a smooth and precise finish superior to anything offered by a Jack of all trades, so too can iVan, the specialist van insurer, offer cheap van insurance that is superior to the quotes offered by a generalist motor insurer.

Painters and decorators are not the motley bands of inbetweeners they used to be. In fact, they never were. Since 1502 and the inauguration of the Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers through to today's Painting and Decoration Association, painting and decorating has been a skilled, respected and reliable trade profession.

Like all serious professionals, painters and decorators require the right tools. And, along with the pound brushes, fitch brushes, ground sheets, spray guns, paint trays, step ladders, stencils, putties, sanders, screwers, scrapers, scaffolds and, yes, laptops (and the list could go on), any painting and decorating company worth its salt will also need comprehensive but cheap van insurance.

But the cover offered by iVan is no ordinary tool; it is the King of tools. Not only will it ensure you remain operational in the event of an accident, as all our policies come inclusive with tool cover it will also help protect all the other tools of your trade.

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Just as your clients expect high standards from you, we understand that it is only natural for you to demand cheap painter and decorator van insurance that is competitively priced while also providing quality cover.

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