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A vintage van can add intangible value to a business' reputation. Here at iVan we understand this and have a name for insuring all forms of specialist commercial vehicles, including classic vans, and with our extensive network of partners in the insurance industry can offer you the van insurance quote that is tailor-made for your needs.

Classic Van

A vintage van will usually be a company's flagship vehicle. They attract attention for all the right reasons and, by being a conspicuous presence on local roads can provide invaluable advertising clout.

For these reasons, vintage vans tend to be involved in relatively few accidents. The status, value and conspicuousness of these vehicles invariably results in them being driven very carefully.

Not all insurance companies understand this however, which means that it can sometimes seem absurdly difficult to get an insurer to give you a good van insurance quote for your vintage vehicle.

Most classic vans are unique and will not have a simple book value. This can confuse the competition and lead them to offering businesses outrageously unrealistic quotes.

Not at iVan, where our position as a van insurance specialist guarantees customers a competitive and comprehensive quote to set them on the road to classic business motoring.

So, whether it is one of the many classic British Austin vans, from the Morris Minor to the 1950s Devon, the original Bedford or a slick converted VW Combi van, we are confident that he can provide you with the van insurance quote you and your vintage van deserve.

And, of course, with our quotes for the vans-of-today being our bread and butter, they'll never let you down either.

Here at iVan we're a smart company. That's why we don't spend hundreds of thousands of pounds advertising our services on radio, TV and newsprint. Instead, we promote ourselves on the web, where we can pass our savings onto the person who matters most: you.

Smart quotes for smart customers - no strings attached.

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