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Here at iVan we understand that all types of van owners, whether you paint houses, clean offices or transport pianos, need the best van insurance possible and we think we can offer some of the best deals on sandwich van insurance available in the UK.

If a sandwich shop gets crashed into and it's front shutters won't open, then the shop won't be able to do much trading that day. iVan understand that the same happens if a sandwich van is crashed into and it wasn't the drivers fault.

If you can't get about to serve people the sandwiches they want, then you find yourself out of pocket, and we all get hungry. We want to make sure that doesn't happen.

Sandwich Van

What's on the iVan menu?
We offer a great little sandwich of a deal.

  • The sandwich - We compare over 20 other insurance companies to find you the best, competitive quote.
  • The snack - Optional breakdown cover.
  • The drink - We offer legal expenses insurance

Very filling and just what you needed.

Whether you own one delicious sandwich van, or a whole fleet of them, we are happy to help you find a great deal.

Not enough money for lunch?
Sometimes we all wish we had a bit more change for lunch, unfortunately paying in instalments for an egg and cress roll is normally not allowed – but wait – iVan insurance policies can be paid for in instalments, giving you some more coins in your pocket for those people who sheepishly hand over a £20 note.

Ordering a well-made quote
Getting a quote from us only takes as long as we might take to order a sandwich from you.

Just click on our quote form and get a quote in minutes, or give us a ring on 0800 954 9745 and discuss your options with one of our team.

Pick the quote you feel fits your sandwich van insurance needs and we'll e-mail you your policy documents so you can print them out straight away and get back to feeding the nation's hungry workers.

In other words, you can have your sandwich and eat it too.