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Whereas sole traders only need to worry about insuring a single van, larger businesses who control an entire fleet have many more vehicles and drivers to protect. This is where fleet insurance could be the best option.

As its name suggests, fleet insurance provides cover for multiple vans. It is not to be confused with any driver van insurance, which covers multiple drivers to drive the same vehicle. It is a legal requirement to have all your vans insured, and often a fleet insurance policy is the easiest way of achieving this.

Fleet insurance is a term that will apply to the policies relating to the commercial vehicles owned by your business, so long as you own more than one. So whether you have two vans or two hundred, fleet insurance will be a necessary aspect in protecting the operational ability of your business.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of fleet insurance is the amount of time you save by having an entire fleet insured under a single policy, meaning a lot less paperwork. And because you save time, it means you of course also save money too. It's great for business owners with many employees who want to simplify their insurance, providing the same level of cover for all vehicles and one renewal date.

How many vehicles do I need to get fleet insurance?

The number of vans that can be covered on a fleet van insurance policy can vary depending on the insurer, but if you have more than two vans in your fleet, you can take out a fleet insurance policy.  

Regardless of how many vans operate under your business, at iVan, we can compare quotes from the UK's leading insurers to find you the best price on the policy that is most suitable for your business.

Fleet factors

Most policies of this type will usually include courier insurance, as it is likely that any medium to large sized fleet will perform some level of couriering; however, if this is not integral to your needs, it is something that your insurer will be able to consider.

As a commercial vehicle specialist, iVan include legal expenses cover and tools cover as a complementary part of every policy - in the event of any mishap, these two protections can prove invaluable.

Of course, all companies experience falls and rises in business activity. Whether this is seasonal or because of other factors, it may mean that having pay-as-you go insurance for some of the vehicles in your fleet makes good economic sense. There is not much point having a van insured year-round if it spends 300 days a year under lock and key.

It's worth considering the drivers that you're putting on your policy. The cost of fleet insurance can be influenced by all the named drivers on the policy. This means that if only one driver is involved in an accident, it could negatively affect the cost of your fleet insurance premium. It might therefore be worth not naming a driver who is perceived as higher risk, perhaps because they are younger and less experienced or have been involved in accidents in the past.

Generally, speaking the relative age and experience of the drivers that are going to be named in your fleet van insurance policy will be a factor in its cost. Typically, it will be more cost-effective if your drivers are over the age of 25 with at least two years of on-the-road experience. However, if your drivers fall under these age and experience limits, it should still be possible to negotiate a competitively priced policy.

Naturally, it is also important that your drivers possess good, if not completely clean, driving records. Appropriate licences for speciality vehicles are also a must.

A quote within minutes

We understand that the busy life of van drivers leaves little time for scouring the internet looking for the cheapest deal on van insurance. And looking for the cheapest deal creates the risk of compromising on the quality of your policy.

As van insurance specialists with a near-unrivalled network of industry contacts, iVan is ideally placed to get you the best possible fleet insurance quote. We do this by cutting out all unnecessary costs but without cutting any corners. You can rest assured that we'll find you a suitable quote that covers all your risks and at a great price.

Our simple and professional service is reflected in our lightning-fast and easy-to-use van insurance quote engine. Try it and save time and money with us today.

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