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Here at iVan we are committed to delivering the best possible deals on van insurance to our customers.

UK specialists

Firstly, we are specialists in van insurance; meaning that the interests of commercial vehicle drivers are our primary concern when negotiating with our network of more than 30 quality insurance providers.

Low overheads

Secondly, as iVan insurance, we operate solely online, so we don't have the costly overheads that high street outlets demand. This commitment to being a web van insurance provider means we make significant savings - savings we are then able to pass onto the person who matters most: you.

Speed and efficiency

As van drivers, you will understand the value of swift, reliable service.

Our customers are only ever a few mouse clicks away from receiving a quote which has been individually built to cater for their specific insurance needs.

So, if you have the relevant personal and driving information to hand, the quote process will only take a few minutes. When you're done, you can print the details of your policy right away - there's no need to wait for documents in the post.

Fancy a chat?

We understand that not everyone wants to buy their insurance over the internet. So, if talking your van insurance policy through with a real-live human matters to you, simply give us a call and a member of our UK-based sales team will happily answer any questions you might have.

And, of course, you can get your quote and buy a policy while talking to one of our van insurance team. Done and done!

iVan's your man for van insurance

As a van insurance specialist provider, we understand vans and van drivers. We have more than a few former white-van men on our team and the service came into being after many years of frustration knowing that the insurance needs of van drivers were not being adequately met by the major insurance companies.

We keep abreast of your needs and strive to remain aware of all developments affecting van driver's interests.

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