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Here at iVan, the UK van insurance leaders, we thought we'd provide any prospective van drivers out there with some tips for forging a career as a van driver.

Getting that vital first job
Here at iVan we know that there is no single way to finding the right job. It is certainly worth pursuing all avenues of enquiry.

We advise any applicant to look in newspapers, register with agencies, search the internet, ask around friends and acquaintances, as well as check local notice boards.

Making a good van driver
As the UK's van insurance specialists we know a thing or two about what makes a good driver. Even in the age of sat nav systems, having a good ability to draw a mental map of your route is essential.

A strong temperament is also a great asset, as a van driver has to negotiate frustrating traffic and treacherous weather, so you should certainly be no pushover. Naturally, good driving skills and a good driving record are essential ingredients.

Even with social perks such as the odd cup of tea, driving a van can sometimes be a pretty solitary business. So it is certainly useful if you enjoy your own company!

Despite all that solitary time, you'll still need good social ability both on the road and at your ports of call. Good doses of patience and attention to detail will not be amiss in your character either.

You hardly need the UK van insurance experts to tell you that a driving license is essential.

For anyone who has passed their driving test post 1997, you will need to achieve a C1 category licence in order to drive vehicles of more than 3.5 tonnes.

Further training
In the UK, van insurance providers will be interested in any specialist driving courses you undertake.

They may also, but not necessarily, be interested in the ethos, operating philosophy and track record of your company.

Welcome to the van insurance experts
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