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Many online comparison websites may claim to offer cheap car insurance - and some of them may hold to this promise. However, as the vast majority of these companies are geared towards providing cover for cars, they may be failing to optimise their quote engines and insurance partnerships for obtaining very cheap van insurance.

This is where iVan steps in. Here at iVan we are the ideal place for the drivers of commercial vehicles and the owners of commercial fleets to stop by and receive a quote that works for them.

This is because we do more than offer generalised cheap car insurance; instead we only provide quotes for van insurance - think of us as a specialists.

We believe that just as you would be unlikely to ask a painter and decorator to install a new bathroom, certainly not if you want a first-rate job, you should think twice about going with an insurance service that deals predominantly with cars.

Here at iVan we are the specialist that fills this gap in the market; every aspect of our business model is optimised towards serving the insurance needs of van drivers and van-reliant businesses.

We're no jack-of-all trades here at iVan. If you want to insure your home contents, your earning capacity or your kitchen sink, you best look elsewhere.

But if you're on the hunt for an enlightening comparison or searching for the cheapest quote and a policy that comes with RAC roadside cover, tools cover and a variety of other possible add-ons, you've certainly arrived at a useful destination.

Here at iVan, we're all about the people: the people who are our insurance partners, the people who vet our policies and the people who shape our future, but most of all we're about you, the customer.

And our greatest tool? Without doubt it is our quote engine, which will never confuse your van cover needs by providing you with a quote for cheap car cover, only very cheap van insurance.

It only takes a few minutes to use this tool, but it could save you serious money. Enter your details and requirements to discover just how much this saving could be.