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While there are probably a fair few celebrities you would like to take for a ride in your van, having celebrity passengers in your van is unlikely to do the price of your van insurance quote any favours.

To be blunt, if you're going to have regular A-lister passengers in your commercial vehicle, your motor insurer will hike up the cost of your policy accordingly.

Why is this? Well, take the example of Kylie Minogue. Her bottom is rumoured to be insured for a multi-million pound sum. So, as you can imagine, if someone with a similarly valuable rear end were to suffer injury in a rear-end collision, chances are that it would result in a huge payout; something your insurer's risk assessor would consider when calculating the cost of your van insurance quote.

So, if you want to protect your entitlement to cheap commercial vehicle insurance, the message is simple, keep celebrities out of your van!

But, as has ever been the case, there is no way of knowing just who is a celebrity in the making. Perhaps it could be you?

Here's a list of some of the former van drivers who've gone on to become world-famous.

Sean Connery
Sean Connery, most people's pick as the defining James Bond, wasn't born in a tuxedo. In fact, he spent quite a few years grafting away at some of the Scotland's less glamorous jobs, including van driver and coffin polisher.

Richard Pryor
Given some of Pryor's well publicised indiscretions, it is easy to imagine that, had his private van insurer known what would come to pass, the comedian would have been uninsurable.

But, as it was, Pryor spent quite a few years working behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle.

Elvis Presley
Yes, you certainly are in good company. Even the King of Rock used to drive a van. Perhaps it's where he honed his singing voice.

Although it was only a short stint, who's to say that it wasn't formative in making Presley the superstar he became.

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