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Driving on the roads can often be a joy; however, traffic jams, other drivers, congestion and road maintenance may sometimes lead to stress. When you consider that, according to latest statistics from the Labour Force Survey (LFS), stress accounted for 40% of all work-related illness during 2011/12, it becomes apparent that stress could be a greater problem than you think – potentially causing illness, misery and possibly even compromising workplace safety.

Therefore, if you are a van driver and looking for business van insurance, you may want to ensure you are free from stress before getting behind the wheel.

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Occasionally stress in the workplace is unavoidable; however, there are several things you can do to reduce tension.

What can cause stress in van drivers?

While a little pressure can sometimes keep you focused and motivated, too much pressure could result in high blood pressure, anxiety, or depression.

Van drivers may experience stress for various reasons, such as high traffic volumes, poor roads, bad weather conditions, meeting tight deadlines, and even spending a long time away from home.

This can lead to a greater accident risk for motorists. Should you suffer a collision whilst driving, you could find your van insurance quote increases as a result.

Stress management

If you are an employee and you feel as though you are suffering from work-related stress, you should first talk to your employer. Management teams have a duty to help and may even be able to offer assistance in dealing with the problem.

However, if you start to feel stressed from behind the wheel, road safety charity Brake has some helpful tips to reduce tension.

According to the organisation, an anxious driver should:

  • Take calm, controlled breaths – this helps to reduce muscular tension and relieve stress;
  • Stop and take a break – the government advises stopping for 15 minutes about every two hours;
  • Drive at an appropriate speed within the legal limit;
  • Plan the route carefully and allow plenty of time for the journey – rushing from one place to another will only increase levels of anxiety;
  • Not go hungry – although you should never eat at the wheel.

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Driving is a task which requires constant care and attention. Stress could affect your driving ability and may cause you to take unnecessary risks. If you are stressed and involved in a traffic accident, your insurance premium could increase.

Therefore, staying alert on the roads is absolutely vital and, what's more, safe, stress-free driving could also lead to cheaper quotes when comparing van insurance. If you are a van driver and want to find out how much an insurance policy could cost you, get a quote today from iVan.