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Britain is renowned for its rolling hills, green pastures, lush countryside, and scenic views. However, it takes a lot of hard work to make this nation presentable – which is where gardeners and tree surgeons come in.

These professionals help maintain the UK's flora, often removing anything which is dead or dying and replacing it with something new. Yet, as tree surgeons and gardeners will likely travel all over the country, it is vital that they have an excellent van insurance policy which gives them peace of mind while sitting behind the wheel.

Fortunately, whether you're looking for gardener or tree surgeon's van insurance, iVan could help locate the deal which is best for you.

Helping gardeners and tree surgeons obtain cheap van insurance

At iVan, our team understands the importance of having cheap van insurance when running a business – whatever its size. Many of us have actually driven vans in the past.

Without adequate cover, most of the important work undertaken by you or your staff would probably grind to a halt, since reaching customers with all the tools of your trade might be very difficult indeed without a vehicle.

Our team appreciates the work that goes into keeping Britain beautiful, whether it's by maintaining trees or renovating gardens – and want to ensure that policyholders are kept on the roads.

If you want cheap tree surgeon or gardener's van insurance, iVan, in partnership with City Insurance Group, can search the internet on your behalf to find the most affordable deals and quotes out there. Simply provide us with the necessary information and we could help locate the best offers in a matter of minutes.

How could I benefit through iVan?

As well as helping find your perfect van insurance deal, all our packages come with free RAC breakdown cover and legal protection as standard. Furthermore, we will send your new policy documents securely via email, so that you can get back on the road almost immediately.

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