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Manufacturer performance stats are always interesting to read, although as a savvy van driver you probably understand that just because you choose a model which purports to be the fastest van manufactured in Europe, it may not necessarily be able to perform to its maximum capacity by the time you drive it second or third hand.

Anyway, who needs to know that their van will stagger up to 110mph, because the tools you carry mean that your poor van will never reach its top speed anyway and yes, we all know what the speed limits are, so spending unnecessary sums on a fast van is pretty pointless really.

So, a speedy van may not be an issue, but when you're getting a van insurance quote from iVan we do our best to make sure you are not kept hanging around.

At iVan, we take your details and compare quotes from more than 20 top insurers to make sure we can offer you the very best deal possible.

It only takes a few minutes and you can insure up to four drivers to use any one van.

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Whether van stats are important to you and you have the most technologically advanced commercial vehicle possible, or your van is a trusty work horse with a faded paint job and a tired engine, iVan can find the right van insurance quote for you.

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