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iVan works with its specially selected network of 30 of the UK's leading insurers to find the cheapest deals on quality business van insurance for customers across the UK - including those who work in farming and agriculture.

To discover the benefits for yourself, get a farmer's van insurance quote with us today – it only takes a few minutes to complete the process and you can always save your quote for later.

Setting new standards in farmer's van insurance

When you compare farmer's van insurance with iVan and get a quote online, you can be certain of two things: all policies come with RAC breakdown cover and a legal protection service as standard.

We believe that we are a step ahead of the competition. This is because we specialise in providing cover for commercial vehicles – we do not cover any other type of vehicle; this means that our whole business model is finely tuned towards ensuring one aim: quality and cost-effective van insurance cover for our customers.

Farmers van insurance

Cover for multiple vehicles and multiple drivers

Although iVan can provide van insurance quotes for single vehicles and for lone drivers, we can also assist those looking to insure whole fleets of vehicles. Furthermore, in addition to the main driver, each policy allows you to name up to three additional drivers, ensuring you and your business have the flexibility you require to respond to the changing demands of your agricultural services firm or farming business.

Payment plans to suit your circumstances

iVan also gives you financial flexibility. If you want to pay up front, you can; if you want to arrange to pay via instalments, we can make this happen too.

iVan, van insurance for farmers and agricultural services providers

Here at iVan our team understands vans, van drivers and, specifically, the van insurance needs of farmers. So, if you're looking for van insurance that marries cost-effectiveness with quality service, get a quote with iVan today.