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With hundreds of thousands of roads in the UK, there are plenty of places drivers can travel to. However, there can be a large number of potential hazards along the way. Therefore, for an individual who drives a van as part of their job, having the right type of cover is very important.

Firstly, it is a legal requirement for a vehicle on British roads to have motor cover. Yet, for businesses, it also enables them to have several employees insured on one van if they choose any driver van insurance – useful for companies with many drivers and different vehicles.

Furthermore, it might save a company from having to pay for expensive repair costs following an accident, and could provide them with a replacement van so they can continue providing their services while waiting for the return of their usual vehicle..

Delivery van insurance is one type of cover which firms should take special care choosing before purchase. With the driver possibly travelling long distances all over the UK, with various goods to be delivered in the rear of the vehicle, keeping the van and its contents safe is vital to maintaining happy customers and a smooth running business.

Van and contents insurance may also reduce the amount of stress which can be caused by a vehicle theft. Since delivery vehicles are usually carrying useful or high-value goods or parcels, they are a target for criminals.

For example, around Christmas, drivers of delivery vans should pay attention to their surroundings to reduce the risk of their keys being stolen and their van and/or the items within being taken.

In December 2012 one delivery van driver was pushed to the ground and had his keys taken from him before the attacker drove off with his work vehicle.

Luckily, the van driver was uninjured, but despite the van being recovered, the goods which had been inside – some likely to be Christmas presents – had gone.

It was not reported at the time whether the vehicle had sustained damage during the theft, but if this was the case, comprehensive insurance could have covered the costs.

The level of commercial van insurance a company decides to purchase should be assessed by firm owners. Buying third party van insurance, which tends to be cheaper than comprehensive, might not be cost-effective in the long-run. Despite the premium being lower, if an accident occurs which is not covered by the policy, it could cost a company a substantial amount of money.

Finding an appropriate delivery van insurance policy

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