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I've experienced few vans as stylish, drivable and van insurance-friendly as the Vauxhall Astravan. Even though it has slightly more load space than its earlier incarnations, this Astravan is still not the answer for someone requiring a great deal of load capacity.

Where this van really comes up trumps is in the drivability department; it drives just like a car. I suppose that’s because what, in effect, it is – an Astra hatchback that has been adapted by Vauxhall into a van.


Compared to most vans on the market, the Astravan is big on style. Even in its most basic factory issue, it has a real sporty feel.

The most basic model, the Club, comes as a 1.2L Diesel or a 1.4L Petrol model. The Sportive boasts a 1.9L diesel engine, carries a healthy 280nm dose of torque and comes with the added luxury of heated electric mirrors. These options should be carefully weighed-up by anyone looking for cheap van insurance quotes from the vehicle.

Both Club and Sportive have aluminium sporting-style strips and comfy adjustable seats. Sat Nav and heated seats are options for both.

Vauxhall Astravan


This is a great van for an urban environment. I found it effortlessly negotiated the streets of London, and its narrow berth made it really easy to park.

Although I only drove the 1.2L diesel, a plumber friend of mine has the 1.9L version and tells me it is a dream on the motorways.

Which version you choose really depends on your priorities. For high performance, choose the 1.9L Sportive, for fuel-efficiency and a cheaper van insurance quote, I'd go for the 1.2L Club.  Either way, in its class, this is five-star van.

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