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It can be hard getting ahead in a competitive and over-saturated music business, so, whether you are just starting up or are an already established band, finding the cheapest possible van insurance quote can make a real difference to your overheads.

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Why is it so hard for bands to find affordable van insurance on the UK market?

Well, there are lots of reasons for this, from the algorithms used by insurers to the often misguided misconceptions many insurance companies hold about musicians and their lifestyles. Another, often overlooked reason, is that, unlike iVan, most insurers don't specialise in providing cover only for vans.

RoadieYes, here at iVan our whole business model is optimised towards finding the best quotes for van drivers and although risk algorithms still apply, they are calculated in a way that is geared towards finding you and your band the cheapest possible quote on your van insurance cover.

We have a network of partnerships with the UK's leading and most trusted insurance companies and search through their policies to find the insurance deal that works best for you.

Here at iVan we know just how tiring touring can be. Unfortunately, tempers can fray and tensions can rise while out on the road, especially if one band member has to do all of the driving.

Here at iVan we allow you to name as many as four drivers so that your band can share the burden and ensure that there's harmony, both onstage and backstage!

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Why pay over the odds for your van insurance when there is a cheaper alternative? And with every policy coming with legal expenses and breakdown assistance as standard, you know you're in safe hands.

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