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As a leading UK van insurance specialist, iVan is the ideal candidate to serve you commercial vehicle cover quotes. We have formed partnerships with around 30 of the UK's most trusted insurers to help you search and compare the TV aerial fitters van insurance policies that are right for you.

Whether you work across the full gamut of TV aerial fitters jobs or specialise in digital installation, loft installation or working in areas with poor reception, we're confident that a quote from us may save you as much as 30% on the price of your existing cover.
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Keeping costs down, for your benefit

iVan insurance only provides quotes online. This means that our overheads are low and these savings are passed on to the person who matters most: you.

And because our whole business model is fine-tuned towards meeting the insurance requirements of commercial vehicle owners, we are able to further cut costs. Again, these savings are felt by the person who matters most: you.

Clear and reliable quotes

As a TV aerial fitter, you understand the value of clarity and reliability.

By simply giving us a few details relating to your vehicle, as well as your driving and claims history, we are able to provide you with clear and reliable quotes that are specifically tailored to meet your van insurance needs.

Save the quote for later or buy it on the spot - once you've made your purchase, you can print the details of your policy right away - there's no need to wait for the documents to arrive by post.

Vantastic service

We understand that some people may have reservations about buying their van insurance online. That's why our UK-based sales advisors are available over the telephone to answer any questions you might have. They can also help you make your purchase then and there over the phone.

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