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There are lots of factors to consider when looking for a cheap van insurance quote and trying to navigate your way around them can sometimes seem like driving blind in unfamiliar territory.

Here at iVan we can help ease your journey to receiving a quote for a quality policy. We have the nous that goes with being a van insurance specialist so are in the perfect position to understand and meet your needs.

One question you will have to consider will be whether your cheap van insurance quote offers you windscreen cover.

Windscreen cover is particularly important to van drivers. After all, you and your business clock up a great of road miles and at some stage will inevitably face chipping and cracking hazards.

Chips and cracks in your windscreen and windows can compromise the safety and appearance of your vehicle and will need prompt attention.

Having cover for this eventuality can save time and money. Most forms of windscreen insurance will provide for more than the windscreen alone. Generally, windscreen cover will provide protection against the cost of repairs for all the glass in your vehicle, whether it is the sunroof or driver side windows, as well as damaged caused to the body of your vehicle by any broken glass.

And the good news is that making a claim for damaged glass need not necessarily affect your no claims bonus. Most policies will simply charge you an excess when this type of claim is needing, ensuring that you are still able to receive all the benefits of your no claims bonus when it comes time to renew your fleet insurance.

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iVan is about one thing - insuring vans. This means that our customers receive the benefits of choosing a van insurance specialist. We don't insure cars, we don't insure motorbikes, we don't insure limousines; we insure vans and do so without compare.

Nor do we spend a fortune swelling the pockets of advertisers; our reputation is built on word-of-mouth and saving our customers money.

So, if you would like a cheap van insurance quote that saves your business money, use our quote engine and discover why iVan is second to none.

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