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Never underestimate the benefits of being organised. Whether you are a school pupil trying to keep on top of your homework, a parent getting packed lunches ready for your children or a van driver looking for the cheapest van insurance, there is no substitute for being organised.

If you needed any confirmation of these assertions, consider the following: according to one study, leaving it late to get your cover ready can cost you as much as £338, making it all but impossible to obtain the cheapest van insurance.

The research, which was carried out by a motor insurance comparison website, revealed that the longer you wait to organise your renewal, the more you risk paying. The study claimed that if you renew on the day your cover is due to expire, you risk paying an average of £775, whereas you would pay only £436 if you organised your van insurance cover just three weeks earlier, £660 if you had renewed a day earlier, £547 if you had renewed a week earlier and £472 if you had renewed two weeks earlier. The picture is even more pronounced for those who renew at the end of the year, with premiums particularly expensive in December. This is because demand for motor insurance tends to be at its lowest in December; without a great deal of competition, insurers do not work so hard to entice customers.

Despite this, nearly four in ten of all motor insurance renewals come either on the day a policy ends or the day before it is due to expire. The comparison site also found that average premiums in December are higher than any other month of the year. Drivers renewing this month are forking out an extra £75 for cover.

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iVan can help you on your journey to finding the cheapest van insurance cover. If you are organised enough to search the market – ideally well in advance of your renewal deadline – you stand a much better chance of finding cheaper cover. Try our quote engine today, whether you are looking for any driver cover, fleet cover or some other type of commercial vehicle cover.