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Electric VansThe more people who drive a particular type of van, the easier and cheaper it will be to get replacement parts and have it repaired after an accident. As parts and repair costs are one of the main factors in the price of van insurance, one of the ways you can keep the price of your van insurance down is to buy a popular van.

The cost of insurance for electric vans has largely been more expensive than conventionally-fuelled vans because the technology is still fairly new and parts and repair costs are likely to take some time to become comparable with petrol and diesel vans.

So, when the manufacturer of one of the world's most popular vans announces a range of four new electric vans for 2024, it's time to start thinking that e-vans will soon be mainstream.

Ford announces new range of electric vans

The all-new Transit Custom one-tonne electric van will be available in 2023 alongside the electric Tourneo Custom multi-purpose vehicle. Both will join the full-size E-Transit, which was Ford's first all-electric commercial vehicle.

Then, the next-gen Transit Courier and Tourneo Courier MPV will come online in 2024 to give Ford customers five choices of electric van.

There will be various options of all-electric powertrain, mild-hybrid diesel and plug-in hybrid models across the range, with Ford aiming to offer a full commercial vehicle range capable of zero emissions by 2024.

What's more, Ford has gone on record saying they wish to "achieve zero emissions for all vehicle sales and carbon neutrality across its European footprint of facilities, logistics and suppliers by 2035".

Insuring your electric van

As more and more business owners think about sustainability and the government pushes forward with its goals of lower emissions, the rise of electric vans is inevitable.

So, being able to find cheap electric van insurance will become easier. And, if you're weighing up whether to buy an electric van based on the running costs, there are other money saving factors such as:

  • the "plug-in grant": although currently, the Ford Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid does not qualify for the PIVG
  • reduced fuel costs: certain manufacturers suggest their electric vans cost as little as 2p per mile in charging costs
  • vehicle tax exemption: zero emissions means no vehicle tax (although your electric van must still be registered)

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