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The new sixth generation Volkswagen Transporter has been unveiled in Amsterdam.

Due to be released in the UK later this year the new Volkswagen Transporter T6 was shown off in its Shuttle minibus, Caravelle MPV and panel van variations.

The new Volkswagen T6 and the T1

This new vehicle is beginning to blur the lines between van and car and is sporting the same VW design language that we can currently see influencing VW’s passenger cars.

Updated with technical features that would make most vehicles jealous by comparison the T6 is looking set to offer improved comfort, better safety features (more on these later) and a better driving dynamic alongside better fuel economy.

Safety is one of the main points of interest with this new offering from VW; with features such as the new Driver Alert System that can detect any deviations from normal driving behaviour and recommends the driver takes a break. Another feature is Front Assist where a front mounted radar paired with an area monitoring system recognises critical distances in front of the vehicle and helps to shorten stopping distances.

Another added feature is Adaptive Cruise control (ACC), this measures the distance to the vehicle in front and its relative speed, this system when paired with Front Assist offers an City Emergency Braking where under low speeds (under 30 km/h – 19 mph) the vehicle will stop if the drive does not see an obstacle that may hit the vehicle. A great addition for those who regularly drive in dense city traffic.

The new California, Shuttle and Caravelle models will all come with Euro 6 compliant powerplants, at the moment the Transporter van has the Euro 5 compliant unit.

The 2.0 litre diesel engines themselves are varied, with an 83bhp entry-level engine ranging up to a top range of 201bhp being offered – Volkswagen are claiming that these new 2.0-litre TDI units are up to 15% more efficient than those in the current generation T5 Transporters.

At the moment no pricing structures have been released.