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Highways AgencyCommitting a motoring offence can put your ability to get cheap van insurance under threat.

It's a common misconception that the offence of 'dangerous driving' is solely about the physical act of driving, but this is not the case. A badly loaded van can be a danger to other road users and, therefore, the driver of a van which has been loaded incorrectly can be charged with dangerous driving.

Police monitoring in the North

The recent crackdown on dangerous drivers carried out by the Humberside Police Roads Policing Unit paid particular attention to van drivers and their loads.

During the two weeks of Operation Brigantia, more than 250 drivers were found to have committed loading offences.

Inspector Tony Tinsley said that although many of the van drivers stopped during the operation had been fully compliant with the Road Traffic Act 1988, "there were many who chose to travel without sufficient measures in place to ensure their vehicles were contained, some of which could have had catastrophic consequences".

Dangerous loads

Among the offences discovered during Operation Brigantia were an unsecured load of flammable liquid – a number of plastic canisters were being carried loose on a pallet inside a van – and a flat-bed van piled high with various scrap items on top of which was a precariously balanced car held on by two straps.

Dangerous loads also include overloaded vehicles which can cause braking and handling problems and once again can prove to be a danger to other road users.

Safe van drivers across the UK

A spokesperson for Highways England acknowledged that the majority of commercial vehicle users in the UK are "sensible and safe" behind the wheels of their vans, but there are a dangerous few who put themselves and others at risk by breaking the law.

Inspector Tinsley reiterated that Operation Brigantia was part of a wider programme which is primarily concerned with educating commercial vehicle drivers about road and vehicle safety. However, where motoring offences are discovered, fines and punishments will be issued.

Points mean more expensive van insurance

For commercial vehicle drivers, getting a good deal on van insurance is always a priority; whether that's fleet van insurance, any driver van insurance or single driver cover for one small van – when a motoring offence is committed, this will always make the price of van insurance more expensive.

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* Image: Highways Agency