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Technological advances in vehicle manufacturing have been a contributing factor to the rising cost of van insurance, according to leading figures within the insurance industry.

In the past, most relatively minor vehicle damage could be fixed with simple, manual intervention from a mechanic; however, nowadays sophisticated and electronic car parts mean that insurance bills can quickly spiral into four- and five-figure sums.

For example, ‘intelligent’ car bumpers increasingly come with sensors and cameras which can be damaged in even innocuous-seeming scrapes. In the past, if a bumper sustained damage, it could either be beaten back into shape or replaced at only minimal cost – today, it can cost thousands of pounds.

Another challenge is the advent of ‘keyless’ cars. Hacking of keyless vehicle systems is on the rise and the cost of repairing damaged or compromised systems can significantly add to the cost of a van insurance claim.

However, technology is not all bad news; it is worth remembering that intelligent bumper systems reduce the incidence and severity of accidents. This means that even if they are not always cost-saving from an insurance perspective, they are – more importantly – lifesaving.

But the truth remains that repairs on modern vans increasingly require the employment of highly skilled commercial vehicle technicians and, inevitably, their hourly pay rate exceeds that of traditional mechanics, while repair and part replacement costs also tend to be higher.

Curiously, this pressure on the cost of van insurance has been largely ignored by the media; with tabloid outlets preferring to focus on the impact of whiplash compensation claims and so-called “claimant culture”.

Whatever the case, the most any van driver can do is to compare van insurance quotes from multiple providers to ensure that they receive suitable cover at a competitive price.