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Renault are making a play towards providing the nation’s best electrical commercial vehicle – yes, the Kangoo ZE shows they’re taking things seriously.

The French vehicle manufacturer are now offering the battery as an additional extra that is available for purchase at an additional £3,166, higher than the £16,161 plus VAT after the Government’s new Plug-In grant.

This brings the Kangoo ZE within the price range of the Nissan e-NV200 which is priced at around £16,562 – an extra £3,169 more than the battery lease agreement.

These newer offerings are referred to as ‘full purchase models’ and are protected by a five-year/60,000 mile warranty on the batteries, a tasty addition to the standard four-year/100,000 mile vehicle protection that Renault offers as standard.

Hire deals are also changing

For those who aren’t looking to buy the batteries outright there is still the option of a lease hire. Hire agreements have also seen a reduction in costs and are currently £33 plus VAT per month, whereas the hire of the battery would have cost you £61 plus VAT previously.

Batteries on the lease agreement are still covered by a Lifetime Performance Guarantee which means that they will be replaced or repaired if they fall below 75 per cent of their original capacity – luckily this guarantee also covers you if you run out of charge when away from a charging point.

Renault have already sold a total of 2,000 electric vehicles in the UK and currently offer the widest range of all-electric vehicles available for purchase.

It is also possible to make a saving on your yearly ‘vannual’ outgoings by making sure that you get the best possible Renault Kangoo Van Insurance cover possible.