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Ford are celebrating a recent order from the AA for more than 550 Ford Transit vans.

AA Transit Courier

The order is made up of:

  • 400 Transit Custom vans fitted out for recovery purposes,
  • 700 Transit Custom vans for Battery Assist purposes,
  • 9 Transit Custom vans for Fuel Assist duties,
  • 70 Transit Courier vans for membership sales

AA's commercial vehicle fleet engineer Chris Wiltshire has said, "Ford Transit Custom is very well received, technicians like the working space, the cab and driving position, and we like it for the best load area in class, enhanced towing capacity and very good whole-life costs."

James Powell, Ford's direct sales business manager has also commented on the new deal stating, "This order further strengthens the ties between Ford and the AA, as Ford already has a long-running arrangement to supply 2,000 cars annually to the AA Driving School."

"We are pleased that the AA finds the Ford Transit Custom and Ford Transit Courier ideal for its needs, a cost-effective purchase and a valuable addition to its fleet of vehicles, many of which are doing vital work to help motorists stranded at the roadside."