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Speed limitWhen is the best time to buy van insurance? Well, if you do not yet have cover for your vehicle or your existing cover is due to expire, the answer is a resounding “now”.

This reality was brought home to a Volkswagen van driver from Leeds who, after being caught speeding by police in the vehicle he had just bought, was found to be driving without van insurance. Police officers from Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit stopped the van driver in December last year as he made his way along the A38 from Burton, where he had just purchased the vehicle, to his home in Leeds.

The result? Well, the van was seized by police, leaving the man's livelihood in the balance as he waited to discover when he would get his van back.

Local news media reported that when police asked the driver if he had van insurance cover for his commercial vehicle, the driver replied by answering, “Insurance? Not bothered."

Reports do not detail how the van driver managed to get home, but it is conceivable that he had a very long and very cold walk indeed.

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