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Van CoverThe type of van you have, the level of cover you want and how you use your van will all affect how much your van insurance costs. If you want a special policy, such as any driver van insurance, fleet cover, or young driver van insurance, this will all affect the price.

Similarly, adding tool cover, breakdown cover, a courtesy van in the event yours is off the road for repair and any other special provision will also add to the price, but these extras can be invaluable if you rely on your van to work.

Different van insurance companies charge different prices and you should always shop around for quotes; however, the cheapest isn't always the best and you could be left out of pocket in some circumstances if you choose your van insurance unwisely.

How to get cheap van insurance

You will need to answer a set of questions about yourself, your van, and your van insurance needs. The answers will affect how individual insurers work out their price for your van insurance policy.

You will need to be honest when answering the questions as any false, fraudulent information you provide may lead to consequences in the future. If you need to make a claim and your insurer discovers that you lied when taking out the policy, your cover could be invalidated. This means you won't receive any insurance payout and you may find it very difficult to get insurance cover in the future.

Key information that insurers use to calculate your van insurance price

Van insurance groups: Your van will have an ABI (Association of British Insurers) rating based on its value, cost of replacement parts, performance, acceleration, top speed, and level of security and safety features.

Level of cover required: From the lowest level (and generally the cheapest) third party only, to third party, fire and theft, up to the highest level of van insurance comprehensive cover. Comprehensive van insurance covers damage caused by fire, cover for when your van is stolen, protection for third parties if you are in an accident, and protection for you and your vehicle in an accident.

Your unique details: including where the van will be parked overnight and during the day, your driving history (including penalty points and previous claims), whether you want additional drivers or young drivers to be insured on the policy.

Category of van insurance: there are four main types of van insurance cover and your choice will affect the price of your cover:

  • Social, domestic and pleasure only – usually the cheapest, but you cannot use your van for work in any capacity.
  • Social, domestic, please and commuting – this class adds cover for driving to and from a single place of work.
  • Business use for carriage of own goods – suitable for tradespeople who carry their own tools and businesses delivering their goods to different destinations.
  • Business use for carriage of goods for hire or reward – typically used by couriers and delivery firms carrying other businesses' goods.
  • Business use for haulage – typically for larger vans and lorries transporting commercial goods over longer distances.

Getting a good deal on your van insurance

All van insurance companies work out the price for van insurance using their own unique calculations and that's the reason why it pays to shop around.

At iVan we can do the hard work for you, by searching for the best van insurance policy suited to your needs. We provide great deals on any driver van insurance and under-25 van insurance as well as providing insurance cover for small fleets.

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