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Man in VanMany commercial van insurance customers are urging the government to lift coronavirus restrictions as soon as possible so they can get themselves, and their vans, back to work.

The BBC in Lancashire recently reported on 49-year-old Mohammed Mulla who operates an ice cream van in Blackburn and who has argued that he should be allowed to sell ice cream from his vehicle as long as physical distancing and stringent hygiene measures are in place.

Mr Mulla said that neighbouring Hyndburn council had allowed ice cream vans out to do business during the lockdown, but Darwen Council told van owners at the outset of the restrictions that they should have "ceased trading".

Meanwhile a couple in Flintshire, Wales, decided that while they were in lockdown and unable to trade, they would put their unsold stock to good use and so their ice cream van became a charity hotspot where locals could donate money to the NHS in return for ice cream.

In Alloa Scotland, another food van business found their plans for the early season were crushed, so they changed their business model and started delivering their brand of street food to customers via self-assembly meal kits.

Like many other sectors in the UK, commercial vehicle owners are hoping that the easing of lockdown restrictions will mean they can get their businesses and vehicles back on the road.

Garages remain open

Delivery and commercial vehicles have been seen as one of the key lifelines during the lockdown and, as such, the MOT extension measures and continued garage servicing capabilities have been necessary and welcome.

As part of the government's 50-page guidelines on lockdown easing, published on 11 May, car showrooms are one of the non-essential retail outlets mooted for gradual reopening from 1 June. Physical distancing and hygiene measures will need to be put in place and some businesses will be required to carry out and publish a risk assessment before they will be eligible to reopen, but it will soon be possible to visit a showroom to buy your next van.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused much upheaval for businesses, and queries about van insurance have been among the many questions asked.

If you have found that your van insurance quote has gone up, it could be worth your while searching for a cheaper quote online.